Sheepskin Health Benefits

Sheepskin is super special and has numerous health benefits.  A number of studies have found that sheepskin can have extensive health benefits for babies, children and adults.

Sheepskin & Asthma – Health Benefits

In 2014 researcher Dr Christina Tischer, from the Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Research Centre, undertook a study of 2441 healthy babies. said animal skin may have an abundance of the microbes that can protect against allergies.

They found those who slept on animal skin were 79 per cent less likely to have asthma by the time they were six, compared to babies who were not exposed to it.

By the time the children were ten, the children were 41 per cent less likely to have asthma. SnugRugs sell real sheepskin Cot Toppers for babies.

Sheepskin & Sleep – Health Benefits

Sleep is imperative for good health. We spend approximately one third of our life in slumber. The length and quality of our sleep determines how we function physically and mentally in the day. Sleep allows our brains to rest and our body to rejuvenate. Our heart rate slows down and hormones are released, to allow our vital organs to recover. Having poor or broken sleep has a detrimental affect on physical and mental health. It is thought that a third of people in the UK have Insomnia, a serious medical condition. Many things can interfere with a good nights sleep: stress, stimulants, anxiety, illness, depression and fear of not being able to sleep. Sheepskin can help with relaxation, crucial for good sleep. SnugRugs has a range of quality sheepskin bed underlays which will allow many years of good sleep sleep.

Sheepskin Health Benefits – The Miracle of Nature

Genuine natural sheepskin is very dense. Wool fibres cushion and protect, supporting weight evenly, thus reducing the risk of bed sores. Sheepskin insulates; it keeps you warm in winter by trapping cold air and warming it and conversely, keeps you cool in summer by absorbing moisture from your body then releasing it into warm air. At SnugRugs Sheepskin is our passion. We sell an extensive range of sheepskin products. Driven by the belief that nothing is better than sheepskin, we use our experience and expertise of the industry to promote quality products you have come to expect.