Reindeer Hides

Plush thick fur in pale and rich tones

Reindeer hides ooze luxury and style. Add the finishing touch to your interior with one of our plush hides. Drape over a sofa, hang on a wall or use as a floor covering. Available in light and dark brown, grey and cream tones we only sell the highest graded skins from Scandinavia.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Reindeer hides are one of the plushest, luxurious pelts available – thanks to the dense, thick nature of reindeer fur. Their stunningly soft, luxurious touch and thick, spongy feel underfoot sets them apart from sheepskin and makes for a unique and truly stylish addition to any space. Reindeer skins offers a truly sensual experience – their unique feel, smell and look is like no other.

Reindeer rugs come in a range of subtle, soft colours – dappled greys, muted browns, pure, creamy whites. For this reason, they’re ideally suited to a variety of interior spaces and make perfect statement pieces – imparting a cosy, comforting feel of effortless Nordic charm.

Reindeer were first tamed in Finland in the 1600’s – and since then native Sami communities have farmed them for their meat, milk and luxurious pelts. These foodstuffs are crucial for survival in the inhospitably cold and rugged environments Sami people live within – but reindeer hide also plays an incredibly important role. They are used extensively to make clothing, footwear, blankets, rugs and wall coverings. Even today, centuries later, reindeer herding is one of the most important aspects of Sami culture and daily life.

Reindeer are most commonly associated with Lapland – but they can also, in fact, be sourced from throughout the Northern territories in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and even Russia. Our reindeer hides are carefully and ethically sourced from sustainable farms in Finland. They are all the highest possible ‘A’ grade – and their unique origin ensures truly sophisticated and stunning style.

We accept that sometimes a picture is not good enough. A picture can only go so far. Sometimes we need to see something in its true form, feel it and smell it to truly appreciate its beauty and wonder. This is most definitely the case with natural reindeer skin. Imagine then, walking on the densest, thick, plush carpet in the world, with its warm, engulfing fibres. Imagine feeling comforted and pleasured by a wonder of nature. This will take you some way to appreciate the beauty of a reindeer hide rug. Featuring gentle contours, subdued accent colours, simple and contemporary, embodying Nordic charm. White with charcoal grey and light grey tones are the natural foundation colours in most pelts. To get this clean, versatile aesthetic in your living space, browse our collection today.