Large Sheepskin Rugs

add the wow factor to your home

Make a bold statement with a double, triple, quad, sexto or octo rugs. A large rug like this adds the finishing touch to any room. Sink into the beautiful luxury of silky thick wool while creating a glamorous, playful haven.

Our large sheepskin rugs are simply beautiful. Provide a cosy ambience in your home with one of our natural rugs. Available in single ( 1 pelt), Double (2 pelt), Triple (3 pelt), Quad (4 pelt), Sexto (6 pelt) and Octo (8 pelt) Rugs. These fabulous rugs ooze decadence and our round and rectangular rugs embrace modern living. Large or single you can be sure to give your room character, warmth and a touch of luxury.

Struggling to fill your space with a standard-sized rug? Want to make a grand impression in your entrance hall or living room? Our beautiful selection of large sheepskin rugs features daring designs and sophisticated styles suitable for any home environment. This versatile collection includes rugs of all shapes and sizes – from extra-long rugs to wide and round styles.

At Snugrugs we only source the finest sheepskin for our pure, large natural rugs. Each hide is selected for dense, thick, super-soft fleece and rich, luxurious fibres. We then carefully stitch together up to six individual pelts for supersized sheepskin rugs designed to stand the test of time and opulent, wonderfully plush warmth. These big sheepskin rugs are ideal for homes with plenty of floor space – or rooms requiring a centrepiece or statement focal point. Sink into sumptuous fleece in a variety of gorgeous colours including rich chocolate brown, stylish black and creamy natural ivory. Many of our larger sheepskin rugs are made to order right here in the UK.