Cushions & Beanbags

Cushions & Bean Bags

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our super-soft, ultra-plush Mongolian cushions, wool cushions and sheepskin beanbags. Made to order here in the UK using the finest 100% genuine sheepskin, these luxurious longhair home accessories are the perfect way to add ‘wow factor’ and cosy warmth to your home. Scatter our large cushions across your sofa or arrange on the bed for an inviting and luxurious look.

Sink down, snuggle up and relax in style with our generously sized bean bags – made to order using top grade pelts. Fluffy, bouncy and luxuriously thick, each item in our collection is handmade and stitched using to ensure they’ll withstand daily wear and tear. Their large size makes them the ideal choice for snugs, playrooms and firesides – sit back and read your favourite book or enjoy a cosy cup of tea enveloped in plush comfort and support that moulds to your unique shape.

Meanwhile our cushion collection has been carefully curated to include funky, contemporary designs and traditional, subtle styles – so there’s something to suit every home. If you’re looking for a plush cushion that’s beautifully soft and silky, our sheepskin cushion collection has plenty to choose from. Carefully made by hand here in the UK using the finest skins, these fashionable cushions are the perfect way to add extra comfort to your sofa or favourite armchair. A variety of styles and colours are available – including round cushions, square cushions and products in baby blue, pale grey, pure white and pink. Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and easily cleaned – offering the beauty of practicality and aesthetic appeal.