Tibet Fur & Mongolian Sheepskin Cushions

Luxurious, silky & glamorous

Exclusive colours and sizes to SnugRugs, our Mongolian cushions are made from genuine Tibetan sheepskin. Mix and match to suit your fancy. Gloriously soft and bursting with fun.

Mongolian or Tibetan sheepskin is sought after due to it’s long wavy, silky wool. It looks great in cushions, Mongolian sheepskin scarves and on coats and boots as decoration. Mongolian fur is naturally curly but must be kept dry as it frizzes when wet. The wool colour is naturally ivory or off white. It can be bleached to take on colour. The fur is thick and long to keep the sheep warm in this cold part of the world.

Mongolian sheepskin comes from East Asia, from sheep often found living in the beautifully rugged landscapes of Tibet. Also known as Tibetan lambswool or Tibet fur, it is instantly recognisable thanks to its long, shaggy, curly hairs and super-soft feel. Its unique texture makes it perfect for plush home furnishings and a variety of coverings including our cushions. The characteristic crimp is all natural – but the wool lends itself perfectly to being dyed in a variety of funky and fun colours.

Our Mongolian cushions are beautifully made by hand from 100% genuine Tibetan sheepskin. There are wide variety of gorgeous colours to choose from – including chocolate brown, pretty pink, refreshing aqua blue and deep black. Some styles are two-tone – adding glamour and excitement for an eye-catching look and designer appeal. There are also multiple sizes and shapes available – from large square cushions ideal for sofas and beds to longer styles ideal for lumbar support and round decorative designs.