Sheepskin Hot Water Bottles

snuggle up in soothing, warm long or shorn fleece

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Hot water bottles provide cosy comfort and warmth during cold days and nights. Keep feet toasty in bed, or warm it up ready for a sound night’s sleep. Hot water bottles can also be used to relieve pain in the neck, back and stomach – so they truly are a versatile and practical product ideal for any home.

At Snugrugs we’ve expanded and elaborated on the original humble hot water bottle design – with a collection that features several different styles to suit every need. Sheepskin hot water bottles provide a superior experience – as this natural, organic material lends itself perfectly to distributing and maintaining warmth. The soft, thick fleece is cosy and comforting, ideal for cold winter nights or relief from aches and pains. Sheepskin also provides superior insulation – so you won’t be burned by the bottle within.

Our versatile collection includes an Aran knit woollen hot water bottle and two sheepskin covers made by hand here in the UK with the highest grade fleece. Options include luxurious long fleece and smooth, shorn fleece. Also in this category are our unique long wool sheepskin draught excluders. These fabulous super long fluffy excluders are ideal for cottages and older homes prone to cool breezes and draughty doors.

Care for your real fur hot water bottle or cover with mild soap and cool water – dabbing away dirt and stains as they appear. The unique tanning process also enables them to be machine washed – but avoid harsh detergents and high temperatures as this can affect the softness and appearance of your sheepskin accessories.