Cowhide Rugs

Our cowhides have a natural diaphanous sheen that gleams pleasingly with light. We believe that each hide is a beautiful piece of bespoke natural art. All our hides come directly from our suppliers in South America and are of the highest standard. We select them based on colour, markings, symmetry and size and picture each individual hide so our customers know exactly what they are getting. So go ahead and make a bold focal point. Complement the scene with rich, textured accessories and sit back and admire your haven. Free delivery and exchanges sitewide at Snugrugs!

Cowhide Rugs & Skins

Timeless style is yours with our stunning selection of beautiful quality cow hides – sourced directly from hand-picked suppliers in South America. This region is renowned for its top-grade skins – hailed as the best in the world. This is due to mild weather and rich soil which keep hides supple and soft – whilst a varied mix of breeds results in eye-catching and unique markings. The retention of artisan processing and tanning techniques is also influential. We carefully select each product, surveying every hide for rich colour, interesting markings, pleasing symmetry and size. As hide rug is unique every item you see here in our collection is one of a kind – once it’s gone, it’s gone. All are individually photographed so that you can properly picture them in your room and make the best choice for your interior design arrangements.

Cowhide leather is a fascinating material – thousands of smooth, soft hairs perfectly arranged with a glossy, almost iridescent finish. Nothing beats a real cow hide rug– as these beautiful qualities simply can’t be imitated. These special rugs also require special care – so be sure to look after your rug with gentle cleaning. Avoid washing it with water – instead, dry clean or vacuum and remove any stains or spills immediately with a slightly damp cloth, moving in the direction of the hair. Avoid household cleaners, washing detergents and bleach. It’s important to note that leather cleaners, creams and saddle soaps are not suitable for use on cow hides.

A cowhide rug imparts rustic yet polished style to any home environment. They can be used in both contemporary settings and rustic, traditional or rural homes. Why not match with organic textures and bold accessories for a truly eclectic finish?