Product Care


Sheepskin is about as far away from synthetic as you can get. Rug fibres flatten down when packed. After receiving your rug give it a good shake to awaken the lift the wool fibres. Most products, natural or man made have a ‘new smell’. Your rug is a new natural product so it will have a certain smell to it. Aromas diminish with airing, usage and time. All natural rugs will shed some wool. Don’t worry, your new rug won’t go bald and shedding will decrease significantly after about 4 weeks. Shake it regularly to release teh dirt and dust and brush it now and again with a wire wool brush. (These are very inexpensive and work wonders). If your rug is walked on a lot the natural fibres will flatten. A simple brush deep into the pile (don’t be timid) and a shake will instantly reawaken and transform your rug.
We do not advise putting your sheepskin rug in the washing machine. You can not expect it to look exactly the same afterwards, even if you do it by the book. However if you wish to wash it you can. Place on a wool wash cycle at low temperature and use Aussie Knowhow ‘WoolWash’ care liquid.  Adding a teaspoon of glycerine to the water may help to keep the suede on the back of the rug supple. Under no circumstances use a biological washing powder or a detergent containing enzymes. Coloured sheepskins should always be professionally dry cleaned. After washing, the wool may revert back to its natural curly state. You can help restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the wool with a wire brush while it is wet and again when it is dry.

Always dry naturally, away from any direct heat including direct sunlight. The rug will take a couple of days to completely dry.  As it is drying brush the wool with a wire wool brush to allow air to circulate amongst the fibres and to avoid it smelling. DO NOT: tumble dry, dry on a radiator, use bleach, wash in hot water. Pelts get very heavy when washed and may tear. We recommend that you have rugs consisting of more than one pelt dry cleaned.

Please note that we cannot accept return of a rug if you wash it and it goes wrong. 


To clean your Icelandic sheepskin we advise you use hand wash liquid, water and a clean cloth. Mix the liquid with water to create the foam/froth. Use this foam with a clean cloth to rub away any stains. Note: do not use much water. Lay the skin flat on the ground and leave to dry naturally.


Cowhides are best used in domestic home environments. You can use the rug in your home’s indoor entranceway but it will show wear more quickly. The sun takes its toll on all furnishings fabrics, we recommend keeping the dyed and printed hides out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible fading.

We advise you not to put your cowhide in the washer, immerse it in water or have it dry cleaned. Remove solid messes or spills with a solid edged spatula or utensil and blot or wipe away the rest. You can wipe cowhides smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp (but not wet) cloth with mild soap (non alkaline like shampoo) and water. Include your cowhide rug in your normal cleaning routine, simply vacuum or give rugs a shake outside to remove dust and small dry particles of dirt. Brushing with a hard plastic brush helps keep the hair soft and fluffy and helps remove dirt. Keep cowhides in a dry place especially after cleaning.


Reindeer hides should not be placed near extreme heat, in front of fire, conservatories, near a radiator or on floors with under floor heating. Please avoid stepping, sitting, or walking on the hide to prevent shedding, Do not allow animals to lie on your hide, they also love to dig out the hair. If you care and look after your Reindeer hide it will last for many years always looking good, giving you great pleasure and satisfaction.

Place the hide on the wall, use a standard vacuum cleaner but choose the lowest power. Vacuum hide from head to feet gently, cleaning should be done approx once per year.


Use cold or tepid water with a mild washing detergent suitable for wool to spot clean your slippers.


If cared for properly, a quality shearling coat from Snugrugs will provide years of comfort and enjoyment.

To preserve the shape of your coat, simply place it on an oversized hanger when storing, drying, or just hanging in a closet overnight. Always store your shearling coat in a breathable garment bag (vinyl or plastic bags do not breathe) to prevent the garment from drying out.

General Care:
Shearling can be worn in the rain or snow, although it’s best not to fully saturate it with moisture. Avoid an all-out downpour if possible. If your coat accidentally becomes thoroughly wet, shake off the excess water or snow and blot dry with a clean towel or absorbant paper. Then hang your coat to dry at room temperature, making sure to avoid any direct heat sources (such as a radiator, blow-dryer, etc.). Do NOT vigorously rub a wet shearling garment, as that will force the moisture deep into the leather, to the detriment of the garment. After your shearling coat is thoroughly dry, use a suede brush to brush the nap of the suede. If your coat has a napa finish, do NOT brush with a suede brush; rather, rub lightly with a soft towel. The sheepskin inside can be fluffed lightly with a metal dog or rug brush.
Use a damp cloth to clean up small spills, and gently pluck any debris or dirt stains from the outside suede with tweezers. You can also use a green cloth-brite pad to lightly rejuvenate the suede and remove dirt marks at the same time.

Liquid spots (grease, drinks, etc.) should be treated by applying a layer of corn starch directly onto the spot (just sprinkle directly onto the coat on top of the stain). Let the corn starch sit for a day or two — the worse the stain, the longer you should let the corn starch sit. When you’re ready, dust off the corn starch and use a suede brush to brush the nap of the suede.

Hang your rug or hide outside on a sunny day. Sun kills dust mites.


Icelandic Breed – special properties If you are worried about allergies I recommend Icelandic breeds of sheepskin. Due to the wool properties people who are normally allergic to sheep wool are not allergic to the Icelandic variety. They are also lighter so much easier to shake.


As soon as you spill liquid on your rug BLOT the area immediately with kitchen paper or tissue. Absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Avoid the temptation to rub soap on it. Rubbing the stain will permanently alter the fibre composition. If necessary dap it with WATER or water with 2 drops of washing up liquid. When as much of the liquid as possible has been absorbed, sprinkle SALT on it. This will absorb the remaining liquid. Leave overnight then VACUUM using the nozel part of the vacuum. This will fluff up the fibres instead of flattening them. If the liquid is potentially smelly (such as MILK) sprinkle some BICARBONATE OF SODA on it. This absorbs the smell.
It is a myth that pouring white wine on a red wine stain will get rid of it. You just end up with two stains instead of one! If the stain is large and dark e.g. red wine/coffee take it to a professional cleaner within 24 hours. If they can work on it quickly they can remove the most stubborn of stains!



This may sound unpleasant, but wait until the food or mud has dried up then simply brush it out. It is much easier to remove when dry. CHEWING GUM if you have a freezer big enough put it in. If not put a freeze pack on it. When the gum has frozen it is easy to peel off.

We hope you have found this useful.