Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs

 visual and textural wonder

Britain has the largest range of sheep breeds in the world. Rare breed sheepskin rugs are very special as they are all unique and undyed. The markings on Jacob and Herdwick sheep are jaw-droppingly beautiful. The delicate silky fleece on an Icelandic rug is pure luxury. Bring the country into your home with a natural rare breed.

Not all sheep are created equal – and in fact there are many rare breeds to be found internationally – many of which sport stunning patterns and markings on their fleece. So what is it that makes rare breed sheepskin rugs so special? Their appearance betrays their origins straight away – as each one is unique and often unusual. These sheepskin rugs are not dyed – instead, the naturally eye-catching markings on the hides are allowed to stand out and shine. The other key characteristic of rare breed rugs is their texture and feel – they’re beautifully soft and silky with fine fibres for pure, natural luxury.

Our gorgeous collection features hand-picked styles from selected rare breeds both here in the UK and in Iceland, including Jacob and Herdwick sheepskins. To find out how to properly care for your rare breed sheepskin rug take a look at our Product Care pages here.