Sheepskin for Babies

Super dense cushioning merino sheepskin

Little people need extra special care – especially when they’re out and about. Our super-soft, gorgeously plush sheepskin baby carriers have been specially designed with safety and comfort in mind. We only select premium sheepskin for our products, ensuring maximum quality, cosiness and softness.

Several versatile styles are available in our gorgeous baby sheepskin collection -including car seat and stroller fleeces, baby carrier liners and sheepskin buggy fleeces. Our products are universal, designed to fit a variety of different brands. All are made from luxurious long hair ultra-dense sheepskin fleece to keep your little one toasty warm during winter and cool during summer months. The thick sheepskin also forms a protective barrier offering additional comfort and support.

Sheepskin possesses a range of brilliant qualities that simply can’t be matched by synthetic or copycat materials. As babies struggle to regulate their own temperature their coverings, clothes and other materials that surround them must help with this, allowing air to circulate whilst keeping them warm. Sheepskin is breathable and thermostatic thanks to the natural composition of its fibres and closeness to our own biology. Perspiration is absorbed by the fibres to protect against overheating and maximise comfort. This also helps to keep harmful bacteria at bay.

It is naturally allergy-friendly, protecting against asthma and skin or respiratory issues. Due to the extensive natural tanning process, our baby carriers and all sheepskin products for little ones are fully hygienic and sterile. Sheepskin is self-cleaning, but our products can also be machine washed at low temperatures and stains and spills can easily be remedied with mild soap and cool water.