For the little ones in your life

Children’s Sheepskin Products

Children deserve the very best. They need to rest and play and sometimes it feels as if they don’t stop. Sleep enables learning and optimum mental and physical development. How many times have you heard a mother say ‘he’s tired’ in order to explain challenging behaviour? Not enough sleep can cause irritation, inability to concentrate and delay. Overall a child will spend 40% of it’s time asleep.’Newborns sleep a total of 10½ to 18 hours a day on an irregular schedule with periods of one to three hours spent awake’. (National Sleep Foundation). We believe that sheepskin promotes sleep.

Our sheepskin cot toppers are the ultimate luxurious cot covering. Sheepskin regulates temperature, acting like a natural thermostat and the wool will not shed. We believe that nothing soothes and restores the body like this material with its naturally dense fibres providing cushioning and relieving pressure points.
Make your baby as snug as a bug with one of our super soft, warm kids’ wool blankets we have a wonderful collection from Ireland in a range of neutral hues and flashy colours. Wool has been used to keep babies warm for centuries, it absorbs moisture and it’s perfect for humid climates.

Care & Advice

Wash your wool blanket carefully using a non-enzyme washing liquid and set your machine to a cool setting. If you are gentle with your blanket you can enjoy it for years to come.

Sheepskin is ideal for babies as it is wonderfully soft and sumptuous. Choose from our babies sheepskin liners to fit baby bjorn carriers. It resists bacteria as wool has self cleaning properties in the fibres liners resist also piling. Most of the time a good shake and brush will restore sheepskin to its beauty, but fear not, our liners can be washed if needed. Just make sure your follow the washing instructions. The skins we use in our baby products are of teh highest quality and are tanned to the highest standards. As an organic product, they are allergy free so suit every child.

Children’s Sheepskin products

Discover our gorgeous range of children’s sheepskin boots which are beautifully curated for the smallest of feet in the most fabulous material nature has to offer. Ours have a gloriously thick shearling inner, a soft and supple suede upper and a durable rubber sole with a non-slip outsole to help prevent slipping. Shearling is the hide and fleece of a lamb that has been tanned into leather, it is shorn to a uniform depth. Shearling is very soft and lightweight making it perfect for making children’s footwear. Let your little one stomp around to his or her’s heart’s content in cushioned comfort.

Kids will love our fun sheepskin ear muffs. Children’s ears are prone to feel the cold quickest so keep the chill at bay with these fabulous toasty products! Pair with a snuggly pair of gloves. It resists water due to oily lanolin in the wool,  It’s wind proof, flame resistant and it resists static. Sheepskin will also not lose it’s shape.

Our fun kids rugs make a great addition to any nursery. Made by Bowron, they are fun, quirky and make a perfect story mat.

Our baby gift sets in beautiful presentation baskets feature a range of products for mother and baby from our Romney Marsh Kids range. These make delightful, very special gifts to celebrate a birth or Baptism.