We craft footwear with sheepskin for one reason, it is natures miracle. Sheepskin has sponge like qualities which through wear will mold itself around each unique foot. It is comforting, nurturing and warm. A ripper tab fastening is easy to adjust by little fingers. A ridged EVA sole is light and flexible. Pair with tights or skinny jeans for a cool look perfect for cooler climes. Choose from three earthy colours.

Brand: Snugrugs

Colour: Camel, Mink, Tan

Size UK:

LARGE 18-24 MONTHS 11cm (from heel to longest toe)

XL 24 months – 2 1/2  YEARS 12cm (from heel to longest toe)

XXL 2 1/2 – 3 YEARS 13cm (from heel to longest toe)

Fastening: Ripper tab

Slipper material Upper: Suede

Slipper material Inner: Sheepskin

Sole: Eva