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Ladies Leather Gloves Navy


Fine Smooth Leather | Timeless Silhouette | Navy


Uncomplicated and timeless, these gloves are beautifully hand crafted in fine nappa buttery soft leather. These gloves speak for themselves. Immaculately cut, the finish is smooth with a very soft sheen. Sculpted to a sleek, super-slender silhouette. Perfect lightweight warmth. Made in array of colours to go with every outfit.

Colour: Navy
Detail:  Plain
Outer: Leather
Inner: Fleece

SIZING: Measure the hand you write with at its widest point in inches, whilst it is loosely clenched. Take your measurement in inches.

Small = 6½” (16.½ cms) | Medium = 7″ (17.8 cms) | Large = 7½” (19.0 cms) | XL = 8″ (20.3 cms)


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