Bedrooms are individual special places. Our bedroom is our sanctuary. It is a place which should be inviting, relaxing and comfortable and above all make us feel safe. A bedroom is where we can have lots of fun. It is where we do lots of thinking and reflecting about life and the day we have had and the day to follow. Changing your bedroom need not be a massive overhaul. Little changes can make a big difference.

These are my 10 tips for spicing up a bedroom and turning it into a haven
1. Use drapes to soften edges and create a floaty whimsical feel to the room.
2. Pastel and light colours relax. Scour second hand shops for pictures. Arrange in a cluster on the wall for an interesting, arty, eclectic feel.
3. Add a sumptuous floor covering such as a fleece rug. There is nothing more inviting. Sinking your bare feet into the thick sheepskin wool is sheer joy.
4. Fairy lights are a pretty and colourful addition to any bedroom. Choose from colour and white bulbs.
5. Scented candles are a great way of adding fragrance and atmosphere to your bedroom.
6. Cushions are a perfect way of adding depth and texture. Mongolian cushions with long curly wool are eye-catching and luxurious. It goes without saying that you should invest in some good bed linen.
7. Throws arranged over the bed are another way to add interest and texture. Choose from luxurious cashmere to soft lambswool.
8. Add mirrors for light and reflection. Similarly bedside lamps give warm, soft light. Similarly bedside lamps give warm, soft light.
9. Fresh flowers or dried roses in your bedroom are an extra special touch.
10. Keep your bedroom free from clutter. Use extra wall hooks to hang your clothes on. There are some beautiful ones on the market. A ladder adds a rustic feel and is handy for hanging scarves and belts on.
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