Womens Sheepskin Slippers & Mules

sumptuous thick sheepskin

Our Women’s sheepskin slippers & mules are beautifully made to cushion and warm the feet. Choose from traditional slippers, mules and moccasins with soft suede or durable rubber soles. Slip your foot into the snuggest slipper you will ever have the pleasure of wearing. All with free delivery too!

There’s nothing quite like the moment you take off your shoes and swap them for the cosy comfort of your favourite pair of Ladies sheepskin slippers, is there? The feel of soft, cosy fleece on your feet – a plush cushion providing welcome relief from high heels and lace-up shoes. Hard day at work? Feet cold after a chilly walk? Slip into something a little more comfortable with our gorgeous ladies sheepskin slippers and mules.

Our collection features several gorgeous styles, including traditional slippers, mules, ballerina flats, flip flops and moccasins. All are carefully crafted from sumptuous, thick sheepskin with soft, snuggly fleece for plush comfort and full support for tired feet. Created specifically to cushion the feet completely and provide superior warmth, each style also includes durable rubber soles to ensure longevity and protection against daily wear and tear. Treat yourself and invest in a pair of luxury Womens sheepskin slippers – colours include warm chestnut, rich plum, sultry mink and beige. Our collection also includes luxury sheepskin foot muffs for the ultimate in indulgent comfort and style.

Did you know that it has the most amazing natural properties including odour absorption and temperature control? it’s extraordinary feeling exquisite as it envelopes, cushions and moulds your foot to give a soothing, relaxing feel. Man has tried to recreate what nature has given us, but alas synthetic materials do not come close. Our Women’s Sheepskin Slippers are dirt resistant and flame retardant. It also has thermal qualities warming your feet when cold and cooling your feel when too hot. It’s a welcome to sweaty feet and absorbs moisture, wicking it away from the foot

. It is simply the best. Our feet do an amazing job so we cannot think of a better way to treat your precious feet at any time of the day.