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Reindeer Hides

Plush thick fur in pale and rich tones

We accept that sometimes a picture is not good enough. A picture can only go so far. Sometimes we need to see something in its true form, feel it and smell it to truly appreciate its beauty and wonder. This is most definitely the case with reindeer. Imagine then, walking on the most dense, thick, plush carpet in the world, with its warm, spongy, engulfing fibres. Imagine feeling comforted and pleasured by a wonder of nature. This will take you some way to appreciate the beauty of a reindeer hide. Featuring gentle contours, subdued accent colours. A reindeer hide is simple and contemporary, embodying Nordic charm. White with charcoal grey and light grey tones are the natural foundation colours in most pelts. To get this clean, versatile aesthetic in your living space, browse our collection today.