Ladies Leather Fleece Lined Gloves – Navy


Butter Soft Leather | 3 Point Stitch | Navy Blue


Designed in house, these gloves are made from alaline leather which is soft and supple and will take on the shape of your hands through wear. We have selected bold, rich colours for this bestselling range. Versatile and in a wide range of colours to work together with your existing wardrobe. There is a Centre vent with elasticated gathering on the cuff of the palm side for ease of fit.

Colour:  Navy
Detail: Three point stitch
Outer: Leather
Inner: Fleece

SIZING: Measure the hand you write with at its widest point in inches, whilst it is loosely clenched. Take your measurement in inches.

Small = 6½” (16.½ cms) | Medium = 7″ (17.8 cms) | Large = 7½” (19.0 cms) | XL = 8″ (20.3 cms)

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 24 cm


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