Sheepskin Rugs

Our sheepskin rugs are simply beautiful. Provide a cozy ambiance in your home with one of our natural, coloured or rare breed sheepskin rugs. Available in single ( 1 pelt), Double (2 pelt), Triple (3 pelt), Quad (4 pelt), Sexto (6 pelt) and Octo (8 pelt) Rugs. Bowron designer rugs ooze decadence and our round and rectangular rugs embrace modern living. Large or single you can be sure to give your room character, warmth and a touch of luxury.


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We are crazy about sheepskin and pride ourselves on our wide range of sheepskins in a mix of colours and sizes. Our sheepskins are made from long, thick wool or shorter, dense shearling. Our specialist medical sheepskins are specially selected from the highest graded pelts and are suitable for older people and babies. Ivory sheepskins are very popular, however don't be afraid of adding a touch of colour as this can transform a room.

If you would like a bespoke rug then please get in touch. For something extra special, our selection of Bowron statement rugs are stunning. Made from plush, dense sheepskin, they are skillfully matched, cut and sewn to create an unique floor covering that oozes style and opulence. Sheepskin is a remarkable natural product. Renown for it's warming, cooling and even healing properties. Easy to maintain, versatile and texturally superb. Sheepskin is even dust resistant.  The sheepskin we sell comes from British, European, Australian and New Zealand sheep. We are proud to belong to the Real Sheepskin Association. It is said that 'An Englishman's home is his castle'. We certainly believe that your home is your special place so what you put in it can make a difference to how you feel.

If you are having trouble choosing between a single or larger rug or are unable to decide on the type or colour of rug, drop us a line and we will be happy to help. The warmth of sheepskin is incredible and is something we treasure. Spruce up your interior in any room by using as a decorative throw or lavish floor covering. At Snugrugs we simply go wild for Sheepskin rugs.