Walking Sticks & Dress Canes

for every occasion

Walking Sticks / Canes

Enjoy solid, sturdy support in style with luxurious walking sticks and dress canes from Snugrugs. Our eclectic and exquisite collection features unique designs sourced from all over the UK – featuring elegant antique embossed handles atop beautifully crafted hardwood. Each unusual design is silver nickel plated featuring a smooth hardwood shaft and sturdy non-slip rubber tip.

Whether you need a walking aid to keep you steady when out and about or are looking to make a fashion statement with vintage flair, there’s a style of walking stick at Snugrugs to suit your needs. Inspired by the classic antique styles of bygone eras, our sticks are understated and smart. They’re ideally reserved as dress canes or evening walking sticks – but they’re sturdy and durable enough for everyday use. Each design features a sophisticated combination of sparkling silver and sultry black – perfect for lovers of vintage style and fashion.

Designs include a majestic snakes head, contemplative duck and flat-eared rabbit for nature lovers. Meanwhile golf ball and club styles are ideal for sports fans. The playful and eye-catching top pieces are also embossed with decorative and elaborate patterns for a tactile and firm grip. All canes are finished in refined smooth dark black to ensure that they can be paired with any outfit. Ideal for both men and women – these walking sticks make absolutely lovely gifts. They are also fantastic used as unique and unusual accessories for weddings and special occasions.