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//Wax Jacket Oilskin Reproofer

Wax Jacket Oilskin Reproofer


Wax Jacket Oilskin Reproofer

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Our Australian Oilskin reproofer is formulated to nurture and care for all waxed clothing.   Oilskins are known to go a bit smell or mouldy when stored away over summer.   Tantech has   developed a pH neutral detergent which contains synthetic oils and has been   proven not to damage the waterproof properties of the oilskin waxed   fabric. The detergent also includes a blend of melaleuca oils, including tea tree oil, and lemon myrtle which removes the normal unattractive   smell of oilskin.   This detergent has an antibacterial additive which prevents against mould and   mildew.