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Ladies Classic Sheepskin Gloves – Grey – Annie


100% Sheepskin | Classic Design | Thermal Qualities | Pale Grey


A simple and sophisticated design crafted from the finest sheepskin. Sheepskin is the perfect material for gloves as it has natural thermostatic qualities; it will cool your hand when it is too warm and will warm your hand when it is too hot. Although lightweight, sheepskin is very resilient and offers unrivalled warmth an comfort.

Colour: Light Grey
Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

SIZING: Measure the hand you write with at its widest point in inches, whilst it is loosely clenched. Take your measurement in inches. Sheepskin gloves are a looser fit than leather gloves, perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Small = 6½” (16.½ cms) | Medium = 7″ (17.8 cms) | Large = 7½” (19.0 cms) | XL = 8″ (20.3 cms)