Allerwash is a branded non allergic wool cleaner from Australia, brought to you by Snugrugs. Allerwash is recommended for items made from natural fibres, such as hand knits, wool denim and moleskin. It is also suitable for tanned products such as sheepskin. Used in accordance with the instructions, Allerwash restores the wools natural lustre. It contains tea tree oil, which has been proven to be effective against dust mite and pet allergies. Allerwash meets the standards set by Merinomark®.  Aller wash is concentrated so very little is needed for each wash. Allerwash contains no artificial thickners, colours or scent.

Benefits of using Aller Wash are :
It’s anti bacterial, biodegradable, bio-cycle safe, grey water safe, phosphate free, non allergic, contains no enzymes, peroxide, bleach. Suitable for top and front load washing machines.
Suitable for wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, cashmere, llama, angora, possum.
Aller wash contains an unique blend of non ionic surfactants, a dispersant to remove oil based stains, a blend of conditioning agents that lubricate the sheepskin. It contains a hospital approved anti bacterial agent.
It can be used on a variety of products, for example, Sheepskin rugs , Sheepskin numnahs, Wool blankets, Medical sheepskins, Baby sheepskins, Sheepskin and Ugg boots, Wool filled duvets
Aller Wash contains a bacteriostat (approved for hospital use) which inhibits bacterial re growth because it remains an active residue
Size – 500ml