Mohair Blankets & Throws

Beautifully warm in pastel, bright & calming colours

Soft, luxurious mohair comes from the Angora goat, which is thought to be native to Turkey. There are records of these gorgeous goats with their beautiful curly coats dating way back to the 13th century – and since this time they have been bred for their thick, plush white fleece. It is now produced all over the world – but quality and texture differs and varies depending on the location and way in which the goats are farmed and cared for. At Snugrugs we only source our mohair blankets and throws from ethical suppliers who traditionally procure and process the wool ready to be woven into stunning colourful designs.

Our collection includes a huge variety of vibrant, pretty shades and patterns – so you can easily brighten up a drab sofa or add a splash of bold colour to your bedroom. Bright blues, deep crimson reds and earthy browns make up our selection ensuring there’s something for every home or interior design scheme. These beautiful mohair blankets are incredibly versatile – with silky, light, breathable fibres making them perfect for using as throws during spring and autumn as well as colder winter months.