Bedding & Blankets

Soft lambswool, fine cashmere, warm merino, lustrous mohair

Wool blankets are truly comforting and cosy. Despite the emergence of synthetic fibres, this soft, strong material has stood the test of time – and the demand for woollen products is as strong as ever. This versatile fibre can be arranged in a variety of ways with many different beautiful colours and patterns – so pure woollen blankets make a beautiful yet practical addition to any home.

We buy all our artisanal wool, cashmere, merino, lambswool and mohair blankets from hand-selected Irish and Welsh Mills – as we firmly believe that nobody does it better. Processing wool is a complex, artisan discipline that involves many stages – and it’s the attention to detail and experience of these master craftsmen that shine through throughout our product range. Farmers shear their sheep one a year, usually in Spring. This is still a task undertaken by hand by a skilled professional shearer. After the wool is removed from the sheep it is classed, graded and sorted. It is then sent to a Woollen Mill where carding machines pull, stretch, spin and twist the wool to make yarn. This beautiful yarn is then used to weave cloth and stunning individual blankets and bedding.

Only a few working mills operate in Britain today. In recent years there has been a resurgence in the popularity of British woollen products – and they are now seen as a modern luxury. Throw one of our wool blankets over your bed or sofa for a snug, comforting way to accessorise – or impart a pop of colour within an otherwise neutr