Natural Cowhides

Our cowhides have a natural diaphanous sheen that gleams pleasingly with light. We believe that each hide is a beautiful piece of bespoke natural art. All our hides come direct from our suppliers in South America and are of the highest standard. We select our hides based on colour, markings, symmetry and size and picture each individual hide so our customers know exactly what they are getting. So go ahead and make a bold focal point. Complement the scene with rich, textured accessories and sit back and admire your haven.  
We love cowhides as each one is unique. Cowhides are not only visually stunning but offer a warm and practical floor covering for just about any room. We realise that you want to see the exact hide you are buying and that is why we picture all the rugs we have in stock. We import all our hides from South America, so by cutting out the middle man we can pass on the savings to you. Cow hides can create a wow factor. They can provide a focal point or fit seamlessly into an existing colour scheme. There are many colours and patterns to choose from. Black and white are the most common as are brown and white. The tri colours and exotics are less available. We choose every hide for it's colour, patterning and symmetry. If it is pleasing to us we hope it will be pleasing to you. Our hides are bigger than lots on the market in the UK and again we measure each hide individually. We have new stock every few weeks so if there is something you are looking for let us know and we will try to find it.