Ladies Sheepskin Slippers

Our ladies sheepskin slippers are beautifully made to cushion and warm the feet. Choose from traditional slippers, mules and moccasins with soft suede and durable rubber soles. Slip your foot into the most sumptuous slipper you will ever had the pleasure of wearing. Sheepskin and wool have the most amazing natural properties including odour absorption and temperature control. We cannot think of a better way to treat your precious feet after a long day.

Browse through our collection of sheepskin slippers boot and mules. Slip your feet into something more comfortable to keep you snug and warm. Imagine walking on a cloud of candyfloss. The sensation of bare skin against thick sheepskin is simply magical. Choose from sturdy EVA soled slippers for extra support and grip to natural supple suede soled ones. Maybe you prefer heel support or an open mule style slipper. The sheepskin is our slippers is dense and thick, which provides unparalleled comfort for your feet. Our wool slippers are excellent value for money. Trying is believing, Sheepskin is renowned for it's heating and healing properties. Sheepskin is a wonder of nature and we celebrate it in our beautiful sheepskin slippers. We believe at SnugRugs that what you put on your feet should feel amazing. Our collection of ladies slippers includes classic and modern styles in rich colour tones such as plum, vole, chestnut and brown. Sheepskin is simply the best for your feet. Sheepskin offers the warmth, nourishment and luxury that other materials can't. Snugrugs slippers styles promise to be super luxurious. Made from A Grade merino sheepskin or styles are beautifully crafted to the highest standards to give your feet a true indulgent pampering each time you put them on. Our customers testify that SnugRugs sheepskin slippers define true comfort with perfect fit, feel and finish. SnugRugs ladies slipper collection includes Betsy (fully enclosed), Cassie (contemporary), Lottie, Taylor (Mule) Sophia (Turn up shearling suede sheepskin collar). The slippers are either made with a reinforced suede sole or a lightweight EVA sole, making them ideal for popping outdoors.